Don't Let a Traffic Ticket Stop You in Your Tracks

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If you’ve received a ticket because of a traffic violation, you need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight for your driving rights. The Law Office of Mark Bakay will represent you in court in an attempt to get the traffic ticket dismissed. Attorney Bakay has been serving the Winter Park community for over 12 years. You can trust his legal experience to represent you in traffic court.

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Why should you hire a traffic attorney for your ticket?

You could go to court without proper representation and face the repercussions of a traffic ticket – or you could call the Law Office of Mark Bakay to potentially avoid:

✔Points on your driver’s license
✔Significant fines
✔Insurance rate increases

One mistake on the road shouldn’t add a speedbump to your life. Get proper representation from an attorney who cares about your future. Call the Law Office of Mark Bakay as soon as possible after you receive your ticket. We also work with commercial driver’s license (CDL) drivers in Winter Park, FL.