I was born in Seattle, WA, but grew up in Atlanta. I went to high school and college in Atlanta. In high school I was on the football team, started as a defensive lineman, on the wrestling team and the track team. I was not a big fan of running but wanted to stay in shape for my other sports. I did high jump and pole vaulted my senior year. I also an active Boy Scout doing community service, camping, and served as a Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader. For my Eagle Scout Project, I and several volunteers build a picnic area for the church that sponsored my Troop. The Picnic area is now used by the Sunday school kids and church members.

I graduated from Emory University with a political science degree and a minor in history. I played rugby all 4 years and served as co-president my senior year. I was also in a fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. I was very active with my fraternity and served on the judicial board and I served as the alumni chair. During college I started working in the restaurant industry. during this experience I learned a lot about dealing with customers and solving customer related problems when I was a manager. I learned how customer service is key to having good relations with clients and how you need good core beliefs to drive your business. Those core values of putting a focus on customer service and working hard to provide the best service to your clients I have carried over into my law practice today.

After college I took a year off knowing the amount of studying I would be doing in law school. I applied and got into several schools but choose to go to St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami. While in Law School I was on Law Review and the Mock Trial team. On the Mock Trial Team I was an executive officer my 3rd year and went to four competitions. In Law School I also did an internship at the State Attorney’s Office in Broward County. Most internships were for about three months but I stayed for six months. By the end of those six months I had run my whole division while my attorney was gone and had my supervisor just sit in the corner as i ran the docket each day. I also tried seven cases, gave plea offers and argued motions.

After graduating from law school, I started studying for the bar the next day, literally, my first review class was the next day. After spending my whole summer studding, I passed the bar the first time. I moved up to the Orlando area and started working in the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office. I then worked in the Public Defender’s office in Orange County. I then got an offer to work for a private firm. After working there for a few years I then left to go into private practice. As a prosecutor, Public Defender, and Private Attorney I have handled cases from simple traffic tickets up to 1st degree felonies and criminal law, 100’s of DUI cases, and 1000’s of Traffic tickets. I have been doing Family Law for over 4 years and have handled over 50 cases related to Family law.